I need to speed up a bit 💨💨💨 so next post is about USA trip. Well I'm still on this trip but its a big trip !!! Looong trip… it started in April… so our flight from Australia took 30 hours of pure flights… 32 in total… 15 hours from Sydney to Doha ☄️💥 and another 15,5 hours from Doha to Miami with 2 hours stopover 🎉🎉🎉🙀 . It sounds crazy and it is crazy trip… I have never taken fligh this long in one day 😎 Best thing I used was Sleep Water what I ordered in Amazon ( natural helper for sleeping ). I never sleep in flights so this was pretty crucial thing to have and try it out… Must admit – it helped a lot… I slept for good 6-7 hours for sure 👍👍👍☺️ Didnt have this good feeling from flights before. Well rested , relaxed…Again -> Qatar Airways have very comfortable seats and good food too… or we were just lucky 😝 you never know 😉

So first morning with AWESOME jetlag -> was excellent -> nice sunrise on my cheeks and tired eyes 🙂 ☺️

I was wearing long pants 😂😂😂 biiig mistake in Florida 😇😱… had it once… lesson learnt… but I must say shopping centres and other places are air conditioned and its pretty cold there so sometimes I wear sweater 🤔☺️
Few days in Boca and then first trip to Charleston – South Carolina. Couchsurfing was my choice of course… good to meet new friends again😋☺️ I feel like we meet only great people or am I just lucky????! Mario was excellent!!!!! Also entrance to Charleston …

Mario came to watch my practice and matches too… first timers are always my favourite – to see the expressions and emotions and fact you need to be quiet at the tennis courts 😂😂😂🤐🤐🤐

Great afternoon with our host -> tour around Charleston 🙂 Its very old city full of colorful cute houses , narrow streets , many churches. Took few pictures for you too so 🙂 this is how we started … 🏃‍♀️🚶🕴

Flowers on the trees 💁

This one was old prison ! Scaryyyyyyy ( movie) 👩‍✈️

All colorfull houses 😍😍😍

Feels like you are not in this century 🤔😎

Such a cute house ( but I would choose different color to be honest 😝😝😝🤐😂)

They had also white church ( with scary stories too)

Or what is this pink one with scary stories??????😱😱😱😱😂

I like pink houses, yes! And people taking 'horse taxi' is fabuloso idea 🙂 😇☺️👍

This one was the main street with many nice cafeterias and small restaurants – are we in 1800's?

Do you still remember the bridge from the begginning of the blog? ( who would take a walk on it?😎)

Oh and I forgot to mention we had very very nice car !!! Rental car ( some people think I have cars in every country) 😂😂😂😂😂😂I WISH!!!!!

Sooo stylish ( this is not paid AD – dont worry ) 🙄☺️

So after our awesome trip to Charleston and Mario cooking some healthy stuff for us, we returned back to Florida for some heavy training 🙂 in a new outfit 😎👇👇👇

Whats this color please? We just had a fight with guys in Canada and they said its pink but I think pink is a bit softer , this is some different color – do you know the name of it???🤔🤔🤔

And need matching shoes too!!!

Okay so now some tennis too 😂😂😂🙄

This video doesn’t exist

Can you see our neighbor ?Do you know what the name of this awesome creature?

Of course – I cant miss any sunset !!! 😍 brings joy to my life 🙂

And back to Florida means some Ross shopping too 🙈💁

Florida can produce some awesome days and then you have to enjoy it as much as you can and remember that feeling in your head and keep that memory – photo always brings those feelings back 🙌

Beach life is on extra level here 🙂 what a better way of working out than beach right !???

And one more photo from place of my good friend Lauren! What a gem 😁😁😁 guys I have so many memories I cant keep them all in my head 😂 I need to post it here and then come back to them and relive it again 😍 and I hope you can feel the vibe as well 😁😘😘😘

Thats it from my first part in USA, there is more to come so be ready for some more pictures and adventures 🙂 cant keep them locked in my head – wanna share it with you 😘😘😘

Please , be happy everyday and smile in this beautiful world , it deserves it (and you too)
Your Zuz,


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