Sooo lesson learnt 🙂 4 days camping in Ballina was great overall. Except one thing. Always ask at reception if there are any caravans with a/c near your site. Last night huuuuuuuuge Apollo came next to us. It almost touched our tent because it was huuuuuuge. No problem with size tho. As day turned into night we could hear our problem. This huge caravan had a/c ON and right next to my head in the tent. Im sure others could hear it as well because on our ‘street’ everything was quiet and no a/c or other noises. I asked stuff at the reception if there is some regulation about noise after 10pm but no help 😦 so I was trying to fall asleep with earphones. Not easy thing to do. Anyway I couldnt sleep properly. Destroyed whole day. Luckily Apollo left this morning. What a relief. Praying now for normal tent or camper without a/c next to us this night :-))) Or I should go shopping and buy some ear plugs 🙉🙉🙉

This photo was taken BEFORE my ‘new lesson from camping’ thats why Im smiling 🙂



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