Another Adventures

Soooo…. Sorry for long break but I didnt feel like writing in last weeks…. I survived ATL matches for Mornington. We had lots of fun with Kat Westbury 👌👌👌

We didnt win as a team so no playoff in Australian Open. Which is sad but I will get over it. There is the only chance some team would want me as a WC but its like 5 % chance 🙂 We found great airbnb in Langwarrin. These people are same’blood’ so we had lot of fun every night!!! And the most funniest thing was that I attended my first GARAGE SALES in my life!!!👍👍👍 I love to watch it in tv and I couldnt wait to experience this. Our airbnb hosts Tim and Robyn are lovers of wine so we brought them our first catch of garage sale ->>> wine rack and wine bottles cooler 😂😂😂 

They said they loved it so I believe them :-))) if not it was cheap so thats OK☺️

As you probably know while in Melbourne I got sick (AMT Nothing Hill). Everyone told me that morning I looked awful. Felt that way. I survived somehow that day but next day I had 0=zero energy level so I gave up. Borrondarra Silver I felt a bit better and energy level was raising but it was very interesting finals because our trip to courts was distrupted by accident in Eastlink tunnel so we had to enjoy melbourn traffic at its best. I was late 15 minutes but they were nice and waited for me. 

After spending one week in our new base in Bendigo I was ready to compete again in Sydney AMT. Tournament was strong and I had to play 7 matches in 2 days (4 matches first day and 3 matches second day). Different balls and doubles on artifical grass( singles was on hard court) caused pain in my shoulder for the first time in my life. Luckily it lasted only one day. My fittnes training paid off in these two days.  

On our way up to Queensland we stopped in Emerald Beach for one night camping. Ooo I forgot to mention – I bought a tent!!!!! My own tent 🙂 Im so happy and feel more like Aussie when Im camping. Caravan park was completely full because it was right before Christmas. My next tournament was Caloundra Gold. Windy windy windy. What can I say. Just happy I survived and won all matches. Two 3 setters with lucky ending for me. I will love Caloundra since now because they gave us this!  

  This year I won 13 AMT tournaments and finally I got trophy.

I LooooooooooooVeeeee trophies 😍😍😍more than anything!!! The windiest trophy ever. It will be in my memory.  

Few more photos :

Who has more cool coach on tour?😂😂😂

And almost forgot to mention that car is running smoothly (so far) 🚘

New sunnies one arvo in Bendigo( i love aussie lazy slang) 😻

From camping in Emerald Beach  
Between training sessions in Bendigo  
Just discovered Aussie Shepherd(must be destiny) – who will buy this one for me?😍

I hope your Christmas was nice and peacefull with family and friends. My Christmas in Bli Bli was European style …missing my parents but loving aussie summer🎉  
Maybe if I will be good Santa will bring me Ipad Pro next Christmas. 🎁🎄 (I guess iPhone13 will look like this🙈😂)

Last photo. Can you imagine something out of these clouds? I cant but it looks like there is something. If you see something there please let me know 👌👌👌  
With love xxx Zuz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


4 thoughts on “Another Adventures

  1. pekný opis, obrázky,Zuzka všetko dobré do nového roku , hlavne to zdravíčko a úspechy by potom mali prísť v čo veríme a dúfame i my tvoji fanúšikovia na Slovensku.Drž sa,pozdravujeme ťa-A H O J ! ! !

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  2. Zuzana – the clouds are you and Joseph! Two heads. Blur your vision – or look at it without glasses.. Hehe. The holes in the clouds form eyes, nose, cheek and mouth lower on the cloud and the other head is facing upside down or angled. See it?


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