Australia trip 2015/2016

This story will be about my (our) trip to Australia again. I have been here few times before. We arrived to Gold Coast in the end of September. I love airports because we always meet some nice little cute kids and we play with them 🙂 This kid was very entertaining🔽

After very loooong trip from Slovakia we ended up without accommodation because our friends cancelled it in the last moment. Morning we came I was searching for some accommodation. All hotels, all motels were fully booked in Tweed Heads/Coolanghatta area ( probably because of school holidays ). I have tried airbnbs as well. I got answer from few people telling me they were busy and not available. One nice girl got back to me around 5 pm ( I was really desperate and I thought we would sleep under bridge somewhere :)). She offered me and my coach Jozef one small room. I was relieved and it turned out to be pretty nice big room ( compare to what we survived in the past). We have found  lovely friends David and Maggie ( soon to be mum ). I could do my ‘passion’ – vacuuming at their rental house!!! I loved it. We had to do terrible makeover in our used car – Holden Statesman 1996. We had to change both heads (V6engine). Its major work in the car. It was very expensive and I was not happy about it at all. We had this problem with car before Holden and we decided we will repair it and then no more problems with head gaskets. After this repair I thought there is nothing wrong with the car . I was wrong. 

Our next trip was from Tweed Heads to Townsville. Its very long drive but we are used to it after all these years on tour. I won local tournament there and we have moved to Cairns. It was very short drive this time. Only for about 3 hours. We have spent two weeks in tropical Cairns. Great weather and we met nice people there. We got nice housing in welcoming family. I enjoyed it a lot. Loving making new friends everywhere. On our way back to Brissie we were ready to drive all evening and all night but our Statesman had surprise again for us. Power-train symbol on dashoborad popped up. It was 10pm. My mum in Slovakia tried to google things about it but then we decided we will have to repair it next morning. So I quickly found the closest cheapest motel so we could go to mechanics. Solenoid between 1-2 in transmission was wrong. Another $$$. We have stayed in Brissie in airbnb place next to the courts. Another great host. After Brisbane I did one week fitness break in Gold Coast. Guess where? Airbnb. There was a sportfield right next to it so I could run twice a day and do my training. Swimming pool was a nice bonus.  

We have bought Nuntri Ninja blender and started using it everyday. I love all fruits and veggies and all this stuff 🙂  so yummy

From Gold Coast to Sydney we felt another problem with the car. Luckily we made it to Sydney to Jozef’s niece. I was worried again. I dont know if you know the fear while driving. Another problem. We wanted to check it in Ulladulla where I played next tournament. Sydney-> Wollongong during driving in the hills our car struggled a lot. We better stopped in Wollongong. Transmission was OK luckily. We had to wait for 2-3 hours to get it repaired. It was one of the coils. It powers the engine. This thing was not expensive but labour is always expensive in Australia. After all these troubles I had last 100$ on my account. I knew money from last tournament will come soon but I just hate that feeling. What if I would not win.It was fixed by woman worker surprisingly and we continued to Nowra where I found cheap airbnb. It was around 45 minutes drive from Ulladulla but I couldn’t find any reasonable hotel price there. We had fun in airbnb with other guests as well. We had to go to sleep early every night because we had to start at 8.30 am in Ulladulla. Even my final we have played at 8.30am. Terrible…Im not morning person. So if you are not morning person you know well the feelings I had in those mornings. But i survived , won some money and moved back to Sydney. Guy in the photo was very very friendly. Nice australian guy. Most of australian guys are like him. Who isn’t – should change the mind.

We did my ‘first camping ‘ in the tent in the backyard of Jozef’s niece near Sydney. It was huge tent for 9 persons. I loved every minute of it. I had huge pillows and duvet so I felt like in 5star hotel 🙂

On our way to Sydney our brakes in the car collapsed. Again. Another trouble with the car. We fixed it.  After all these troubles I can call myself ‘EXPERT’ for Holden Statesman troubles. I’m still waiting for another trouble 🙂 Next tournament was in Gosford. Just two hours from place where we stayed at. It was terrible weather. Raining all the time. For almost 2 days. We shared hotel room with another player . It looked like they would cancel the whole tournament ( they did cancel qualifying). At 12 o’clock rain stopped. Finally we could play some tennis. I won 4 matches in 2 days. Great feeling having form back. We travelled to Bendigo next day. Another 900km. I was suppose to be number 1 in qualifying . One hour to sign in close of qualifying and tournament director called me and said Im in the main draw. I was very happy. I was ready to play qualifying matches after good matches in Gosford and Ulladulla. We got housing 10 minutes from the courts. Kangaroos in the backyard are the best thing what can happen to you. I love it. 

All colorfull birds and maxi ants and rabbits. Wildlife in Australia is so beautiful. We had great stay in our lovely funny family. They even extended our stay after tournament finished!It helped us a lot because we could feel this ‘family feeling’. I have played 2 great matches so I cant be more happy with it. Just continue to have fun on court and work hard. While in Bendigo we visited swap meet and I could see one of the biggest swaps in Southern Hemisphere. New experience again. 

That’s it so far and I will update some new infos soon. 

Thank you for reading 🇦🇺👍


Few more photos from travelling…



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